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© Anna Sorgalla

Pantheon Phantasma Dependance

Pantheon Phantasma Dependance is a microcosm of artistic-experimental togetherness. In contrast to the object-focussed exhibition at “Alte Feuerwache”, this venue relies on body-based practices, physical and emotional matters to explore new visionary narratives and socio-political discourses. At this location, multidisciplinary performance art is linked with present day rituals and ceremonies that connect human life with all living dynamics in the biological world as well as with material matters, spirits, space and time.

For one week, the gallery space of “Gold+Beton” and its urban surrounding will transform into a temporary territory for an experiential antithesis to normative instructions for action, contemporary production and consumer behavior. Performers and audiences inevitably become the shaping factor for various social scenarios in space. With the attempt to explore other forms of knowing we aim to facilitate moments of collective dreaming for alternative futures.

Ebertplatz 3
50670 Cologne

Artist: DJ let go, Fabian Reichle, Gauthier Chambry, Gina Capitoni, Emilia Tapprest, Olga HolzschuhShunya, Silke Xanid Juul, Sophia Schach

Curators: Donna Donnerberg, Eva Herrmann, Hannah Kuhlmann
Graphic: Eloise Harris, Max Pietro Hoffmann

© Silviu Guiman

Olga Holzschuh – “Atem”

Atem is a performative 'setting' that sees the breath as an essential, everyday ritual, both individual and collective. How is the physical and psychological shortage of air while breathing related to individual, as well as social and geopolitical crises? And how is breathing also subject to the benefits of a hyper capitalized culture?

© Silviu Guiman

Silke Xenia Juul – “Symphonies and Bed”

Symphonies and Bed is a crippled concert of care and concern — a sonic exploration of the vibrations of time, transforming carelessness into care and solitude into an orchestra. Silke Xenia Juul investigates existential personhood and perceptions of time as experienced under capitalism, interjecting scholarly texts with personal narrative and song.

© Silviu Guiman

Fabian Reichle “Song to the Sirens”

Fabian Reichle (1991, Germany) is a multidisciplinary artist currently based in Amsterdam. After studies in music journalism (University of Music Karlsruhe) and fine arts and design (Sandberg Instituut Amsterdam) he devotes himself to telling stories fusing fact with fiction in works where performance meet sculpture, moving image and scent.

„Et les rites sont dans le temps ce que la demeure est dans l‘espace.”

– Antoine de Saint–Exupéry

If  “rites are in time what our houses are in space” how could the rehabilitation of our living spaces, everyday objects and human interactions shape societal affection and a sense of belonging?  

Saint–Exupéry attributes the ritual with the potential for conveying a feeling of security and defines it further as a symbolic technique of containment. „Rituals transform being in the world into being at home. They make the world a reliable place. Rites are in time what our houses are in space. They make time tangible. Yes, they make it walkable like a house. They arrange time, furnish it.“ (*Byung-Chul Han, 2019)

In uncertain times, people usually conjure history, tradition and cultural heritage. Thus a ritual can also be understood as a reflection on a common identity. The design of a >ritual based habitus< is constantly bound to social influences. They transmit and represent values and orders which carry a community. Often rituals amortize a community without linguistic communication, but through their very own semiotic system. With a view to a society that is growing together more and more, but at the same time individualized, which allows the individual to be isolated from themself and their environment, new forms of community life - new rituals - are needed. As soon as the constitution of space changes, the home must be adequately adapted.

In the ritual framework, things are not consumed or consumed, but needed. Ritual practices ensure that we deal and resonate not only with other people but also with other than human beings. Rituals and ceremonies connect human life with all living dynamics in the biological world as well as with material matters, spirits, space and time.

The exhibition „Pantheon Phantasma Dependance“ examines the foundations and excrescences of rites that are reconstructed and interpreted by both; local and international artists* from various disciplines. The aim is to create a place that - by uniting past, present and future - negotiates various possibilities for (re)connection with an ever-changing world and thus embarks on a search for new ways of life and co-living.

Hannah Kuhlmann

Curators Pantheon Phantasma + Dependance
Donna Donnerberg, Eva Herrmann, Hannah Kuhlmann

Scenography Pantheon Phantasma Dependance
Gauthier Chambry

Max Pietro Hoffmann, Eloise Harris

Technical production manager
Dennis Enyan