'Lucid Dreams' pays homage to the fleeting refuge of a midday nap—a brief escape from the demands of reality into the realm of unconsciousness. Each meticulously handcrafted piece merges the industrial allure of metal with the soft tactility of fabric, inviting viewers to delve into a world where fiction meets reality.

Through the theme of napping, Kuhlmann's exhibition delves into the evolving cultural perception of dreaming, offering a captivating exploration of the unconscious mind. The exhibition space is scenographed to reveal intricacies akin to the unexpected encounters within dreams, with fabric veiling metal to echo the illusion that shrouds reality.

Anchoring 'Lucid Dreams' are pieces such as an embracing daybed, providing refuge for a momentary sojourn into slumber, and delicate flowers emitting a soft, sunrise glow. Personal belongings find sanctuary within discrete storage, creating a tangible space for the mind within this curated dreamscape.

The 'Lucid Dreams' collection is available at St. Vincents, with the installation on view from April 5th to May 18th. Join us in this immersive experience and explore the beauty of the unstructured elegance within the realm of dreams.

︎︎︎ Collection available at St.Vincents

Female contributions to “Lucid Dreams”
Collaborating and partnering with fellow artists and artisans has always been integral to my creative process and the projects I undertake. For the production and vision of the show “Lucid Dreams,” I assembled an all-female team, particularly for welding, a field typically dominated by men.
Countless hours were dedicated to polishing at my atelier in Cologne, unveiling the resilient nature of stainless steel as one of the most hardiest existing metals. This process prompted contemplation on the boundaries of our strength and capabilities, highlighting the potential and limitations for it’s reproduction.
In reimagining soft furnishings, I sought to depart from traditional upholstery concepts, envisioning the pieces adorned in fashionable attire. Collaborating with renowned costume designer Holle Schlickmann allowed us to dress the skeletal steel structures in an unconventional manner seen for functional objects.
The mobile and jewel-like details adorning the lighting fixtures were crafted in collaboration with Lisa Scherebnenko, a trained goldsmith renowned for her experimental approach to precious materials. Her creations add a spatial dimension to the concept of jewelry, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the show.