Farm is a free participatory art and design project by ten young artists and designers and the organic farm Rimpertsweiler near Lake Constance in Germany.

The project is an open exploration of rural life on a farm and thematically deals with concepts of alternative production methods, organic material cycles and the relationship between humans, plants, animals, soil and technology in relation to our everyday practice. In a place that keeps waste to a minimum, we learn about the relationship between cow dung and cabbage and the sensitive balance of the whole organism. To the rhythmic sounds of milking machines, we dive deep into daily routines and understand what regionality and seasonality mean away from the supermarket shelves. Through a crossdisciplinary exchange with people from the surrounding area and the farm itself, various objects as well as experimental and site-specific works are developed as a result. Presented in an open-field exhibition on the farm, the project aims to foster a cultural and social dialogue in a non-institutionalised space and bring people from urban and rural areas together. The project will be extended through various workshops by the group as well as local artists, which will expand the exhibition over a two month summer period.

Initiated by Haus Otto in cooperation with Autónomo e.V. with the aim of creating a long-term socio-cultural space and artist residency on the farm and blurring the lines between agriculture, art and design.