Kunsthaus Rhenania
Bayenstraße 28
50678 Cologne

Curator: Jana Manfroid, Hannah Kuhlmann
Graphic: Marina Hoppmann, Martin Major

Artist: Rosanne Ahyi, Nils Ahrenberg & Sebastian Guzmann Olmos, Anne Bpscher, Clara Escalera, Gelbrosa, Studio Kuhlmann, Moreno Schweikle & Janne Schimmel, Clara Ormieres, Willem van Hoff

Analogue, digital, female, male, solid, fluid: once again, Jana Manfroid and Hannah Kuhlmann will be presenting young design talents at Kunsthaus Rhenania. After its predecessor Homo Ludens (PASSAGEN Prize 2017), Aggregat is the curators’ second PASSAGEN project. Designers and artists explore the pushing of boundaries and test the resilience of clear structures with exhibits at the intersection of furniture andinstallation.